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Premium Diffusion Pump Oil & Fluid

At Enparticles® we offer PFPE (perfluoropolyether) & silicone diffusion pump oils manufactured specifically for ultimate vacuum performance, heat stability, low vapor pressure, and oxidation & radiation resistance.

»  ECO-702

»  ECO-704 Plus

»  ECO-705 Advance

»  ECO-18/8 PFPE Diffusion Pump Oil

»  ECO-25/9 PFPE Diffusion Pump Oil

Being Trusted By

diffusion pump oil

Diffusion Pump Oil

Starting at $55

We offer the most trusted alternative for DC-702, DC-704, and DC-705 silicone diffusion pump oils thats been discontinued by Dow Corning. For diffusion pumps working in extreme environments, take advantage of our inert PFPE diffusion pump fluids.
PFPE vacuum pump oil

Vacuum Pump Oil

Starting at $180

Our complete line of inert perfluoropolyether (PFPE) vacuum pump oils are available in a variety of specifications. Wether you own a rotary, turbomolecular, roots, or other type of vacuum pump, we're sure to have a suitable type of PFPE lubrication for your needs.
PFPE grease

PFPE Grease

Starting at $29.5

Due to the harsh environments diffusion pumps operate, specialized grease is required for air-tight, optimal vacuum performance. Our PFPE grease thickened with PTFE is the ideal solution due to its ability to withstand high temperatures at very low evaporation loss.

Choosing Diffusion Pump Oil

When it comes to diffusion pump oil, Enparticles offers one of the highest performing formulas in the market today. As the use of hydrocarbon based pump oils are becoming less common, silicone diffusion pump fluid has become the ideal solution due to its low vapor pressure, excellent resistance to oxidation and radiation, chemical and thermal stability, and more importantly, a long life cycle before requiring an oil change. Due to these properties, our ECO-702, ECO-704 and ECO-705 silicone diffusion pump oil is able to withstand and maintain ultimate vacuums of 10E-5 Torr up to 10E-10 Torr (untrapped) without much maintenance, just the occasional topping off when oil levels decrease.

For vacuum applications in most severe operating environments including strong acids, oxygen, combustible or corrosive compounds, and even ionizing radiation, our PFPE diffusion pump oils is your ideal solution. As with all PFPE oils, our ECO-18/8 and ECO-25/9 PFPE diffusion pump oils are completely inert and does not have a flash or fire point making this one of the safest oils to use in extreme vacuum pumping environments. Our PFPE oils can maintain an ultimate vacuum of 10E-8 to 10E-9 Torr based on model.

Read our buyers guide on ECO-702, 704, and 705.

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As one of the largest international suppliers of premium PFPE & silicone diffusion pump fluid, Enparticles’ primary focus is and always will be to achieve and develop the highest quality fluids for use in diffusion pumps. Regardless of the quantity, every milliliter of oil is guaranteed optimal performance and durability, see our warranty statement.

Since day one, Enparticles has been working closely with our technicians to come up with premium-grade diffusion pump oils. All products we offer come with a satisfaction guarantee as well as a refund and exchange policy. With multiple channels of professional customer support and reliable flat-rate worldwide shipping, it’s no wonder Enparticles is the #1 trusted brand of diffusion pump oil in the United States and throughout the world.

10,000 hour warranty