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Wholesale & Bulk Orders


At Enparticles Diffusion Pump Oil, we supply businesses of all sizes. If you want to place an order of 100 liters or morecontact us and we will give you a quote. The reason why we are able to reduce the price of an bulk order, is due to the way we work with our manufacturers. We have always worked with our manufacturing plant on a first-hand basis, resulting in higher quality and better trust.


We are open to discuss proposals and contracts for both long and short term partnerships. If your operations need our products on a running basis, we are happy to discuss the opportunities. We are currently working with a number of big manufacturers within the semiconductor industry, as well as metallurgy, the results and feedback we have received are great. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we always strive for quality and honest business practices. Contact us to discuss further.