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18/8 PFPE Diffusion Pump Oil

18/8 PFPE Diffusion Pump Oil

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  • ECO-18/8 is the top of the line PFPE oil that is virtually inert, completely non-flammable, and is suitable for ultimate vacuums up to 10E-8 torr.

    Suitable for use for ultimate pressures of 10-8 Torr. If you require higher pressures of 10-9 Torr, visit ECO-25/9.

    Our PFPE diffusion pump fluids are meant for applications in severely harsh environments, for instance, applications dealing with acid and radiation. Since PFPE fluids are virtually inert and does not have a flash or fire point, it's also one of the most used type of diffusion pump fluid for pumping oxygen, ozone, and any other easily combustible chemicals.

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    Average Molecular Weight 2800 amu 3400 amu
    Density at 20°C 1.89g/cm³ 1.9g/cm³
    Viscosity at 20°C 185 cSt 285 cSt
    Pour Point -45°C -41°C
    Refractive Index 1.300 1.300
    Specific Heat at 20°C 0.24 cal/g 0.24 cal/g
    Heat of Vaporization at 200°C 9 cal/g cSt 7 cal/g
    End-Use Temperature -45°C to 190°C -40°C to 195°C
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    Download MSDS: msds-logo 18/8 PFPE Inert Diffusion Pump Oil MSDS