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ECO-704 Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil

ECO-704 Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil

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  • ECO-704 is a colorless, single component silicone-based fluid for diffusion pumps. It offers an impressive pump-down and is suitable for higher ultimate vacuums of 10E-6 to 10E-8 (untrapped) or 10E-10 to 10E-11 (trapped). It is very durable and can withstand tough conditions even if it gets exposed to air during operation. The ECO-704 is an improved formulas based on Dow Corning's DC-704 diffusion pump oil offering even higher performance and service life.

    Additionally, ECO-704 is a highly durable formula that is thermally and chemically stable keeping your diffusion pump clean and free from carbon and tar buildup. As our best selling line of diffusion pump oils, ECO-704 offers excellent resistance to oxidation, radiation, and explosion and maintains relatively high boiler pressure and throughput.

    As the most trusted alternative for Dow Corning DC-704 diffusion pump oil in the United States, ECO-704 is suitable for the aerospace and electronic industries, metallurgical and research needs, various special vacuum coating applications, and much more.

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    Specifications ECO-704 DC-704 (Dow Corning, Discontinued)
    Chemical Profile Tetramethyltetraphenyl-Trisiloxane Tetramethyltetraphenyl-Trisiloxane
    Color Transparent Transparent
    Ultimate Vacuum (untrapped) 10E-7 to 10E-8 torr 10E-7 to 10E-8 torr
    Extrapolated Vapor Pressure 2 x 10E-8 torr 2 x 10E-8 torr
    Specific Gravity at 25°C 1.07 1.07
    Viscosity at 25°C 39 cSt 39 cSt
    Flash Point (open cup) 221°C 221°C
    Boiling Point (at 0.5 torr) 215°C 215°C
    Hazardous Ingredients None None
    Chemical Profile Mixed Phenylmethyl-dimethyl cyclosiloxane Tetramethyltetraphenyl-Trisiloxane Penta phenyltri-methyltrisiloxane
    Color Clear/Light Straw Transparent Transparent
    Ultimate Vacuum (untrapped) 10E-6 torr 10E-7 to 10E-8 torr 10E-9 to 10E-10 torr
    Ultimate Vacuum (trapped) - to 10E-11 torr 10E-11 torr
    Extrapolated Vapor Pressure 1 x 10E-6 torr 2 x 10E-8 torr 3 x 10E-10 torr
    Specific Gravity at 25°C 1.07 1.07 1.09
    Viscosity at 25°C 45 cSt 39 cSt 175 cSt
    Flash Point (open cup) 193°C 221°C 243°C
    Boiling Point (at 0.5 torr) 180°C 215°C 245°C
    Typical Boiler Temperature 220°C 230°C – 240°C 250°C – 260°C
    Surface Tension 30 dynes/cm 37.3 dynes/cm 36.5 dynes/cm
    Heat of Vaporization (kcal/g mole) 21.7/190°C 25.5/200°C 28.2/250°C
    Refractive Index at 25°C / 77°F 1.5550 – 1.5650 1.5500 – 1.5600 1.5765 – 1.5785
    Congealing Point - -35°C / -31°F -14 to -18°C / 6.8 to -0.4°F
    Hazardous Ingredients None None None
    Shelf Life 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
  • If you have any questions regarding the MSDS-files, feel free to contact us.

    Download US Version: msds-logo ECO-704 Diffusion Pump Oil MSDS (ver. us)
    Download EU Version: msds-logo ECO-704 Diffusion Pump Oil MSDS (ver. eu)
  • ECO-702

    ECO-702 is by far the most affordable type of silicone diffusion pump oil and is considered to be a general-purpose oil recommended for larger volumes of gas and can attain chamber vacuum pressures up to 10E-6 torr. ECO-702 is ideal for general manufacturing that gives off a larger amount of gas. A part from diffusion pumps, ECO-702 can alternatively be used in any vapor ejector pump to attain a maximum vacuum of 10E-5 torr.


    ECO-704 is the most commonly used diffusion pump oil on the market. It is suitable for a wide range of heavy operations and offers a quick pump-down. It is a single-component oil with a pure chemical profile of Tetramethyltetra-phenyltrisiloxane which can produce a ultimate vacuum of 10E-7 torr to 10E-8 torr in a untrapped state and 10E-10 torr to 10E-11 torr in a trapped state. The main reason why so many manufacturers choose ECO-704 is due to its ability to withstand tough and rugged operations while producing an extremely powerful vacuum. Most diffusion pump oils cannot come in the slightest contact with air, but ECO-704 can actually handle air-exposure when operating temperatures are reached.


    ECO-705 is the most advanced diffusion pump oil up to date. Just like ECO-704, it is a single-component oil and is made of high-quality and pure Penta phenyl tri-methyltrisiloxane. ECO-705 is basically an upgraded version of ECO-704 with a ultrahigh vacuum of 10E-9 torr to 10E-10 torr in a untrapped state, and up to 10E-11 torr when trapped. It offers such powerful vacuum and low vapor pressure that most diffusion pumps operating on ECO-705 can withstand radiation and do not need a cold trap or refrigeration because of its ultrahigh and yet smooth applications. Overall, all three types of diffusion pump oils by Enparticles have their own unique profiles and advantages. If you have questions, make sure to read our FAQs or contact us.