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16/6 PFPE Inert Vacuum Pump Oil

16/6 PFPE Inert Vacuum Pump Oil

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  • ECO 16/6 PFPE vacuum pump oil is an excellent choice for use as a lubricant for roots vacuum pumps.

    Composed of made only fluorine, and oxygen atoms, perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) fluid is a high performing, virtually inert material with strong abilities to withstand harsh environments including oxygen, radiation, and other corrosive materials. ECO-16/6 offers outstanding lubrication properties, zero flash and fire point, low vapor pressure and surface tension, good aqueous and non-aqueous solvent resistance, and is your environmentally friendly choice for roots pumps.

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  • SPECIFICATIONS ECO-06/6 ECO-14/6 ECO-16/6 ECO-25/6
    Average Molecular Weight 1800 amu 2500 amu 2700 amu 3300 amu
    Density at 20°C 1.88g/cm³ 1.89g/cm³ 1.89g/cm³ 1.90g/cm³
    Viscosity at 20°C 64 cSt 145 cSt 165 cSt 275 cSt
    Vapor Pressure at 20°C 3×10-6 torr 2×10-7 torr 2×10-6 torr 6×10-8 torr
    Vapor Pressure at 40°C 3×10-3 torr 2×10-4 torr 2×10-4 torr 6×10-5 torr
    Pour Point -50°C -48°C -46°C -42°C
    Vaporization Heat at 200°C 11 cal/g 8 cal/g 8 cal/g 7 cal/g
    Surface Tension 21 dyne/cm 22 dyne/cm 22 dyne/cm 22 dyne/cm
    Total Pressure 1.7×10-3 torr 1.4×10-3 torr 1.3×10-3 torr 1.1×10-3 torr
    End-Use Temperature -50°C to -150°C -48°C to -180°C -46°C to -195°C -42°C to -195°C
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    Download MSDS: msds-logo 16/6 PFPE Inert Vacuum Pump Oil MSDS