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ECO226 PFPE / PTFE Grease
ECO226 PFPE / PTFE Grease

ECO226 PFPE / PTFE Grease

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  • ECO226 is a general purpose, NLGI grade 2 grease made with PFPE (perfluoropolyether) base oil thickened with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). An anti-corrosive/anti-wear inhibitor is added to further improve the formula against extreme environments.

    ECO226 is a PFPE grease that is comparable in specifications to Krytox GPL 226. Krytox is a registered trademark of Dupont.

    PFPE grease is commonly used in aerospace applications and is regarded as one of the highest performing greases in the world. It offers major advantages over hydrocarbon and silicone based greases on several levels.

    1. Wide temperature range - ECO226 has a usage range of between -36°C to 260°C offering excellent temperature stability for high temperature applications.
    2. Chemically inert - ECO226 is virtually inert to all chemicals and insoluble in nearly all solvents. It's your grease of choice in demanding application environments such as those high in oxygen, corrosives, and radiation.
    3. Nonflammable - ECO226 has no flash or fire point.

    The ECO line of PFPE greases with PTFE is an excellent choice for greasing your diffusion pumps due to its very high temperature usage range and low evaporation loss. The major difference between each PFPE grease model is the viscosity of base oil used, view the specifications tab for additional information. On top of using PFPE grease for diffusion pumps, PFPE grease can also be used in valves, bearings, seal barrier fluids, instruments and oxygen systems. If you have any questions about our PFPE grease, please contact us.

    Base Oil Viscosity (20°C) 800cst 1800cst
    Viscosity Index 134 147
    Thickener PTFE PTFE
    Color white white
    NLGI 2 2
    Evaporation Loss at 204°C / 22h <2% <0.6%
    Usage Temperature -36 to 260 °C -32 to 288 °C