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14/6 PFPE Inert Vacuum Pump Oil

14/6 PFPE Inert Vacuum Pump Oil

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  • ECO 14/6 PFPE vacuum pump oil offers extreme reliability when used as a lubricant and sealing fluid for rotary vacuum pumps.

    PFPE or perfluorinated polyether is a virtually inert material made of carbon, fluorine, and oxygen atoms. Due to its high performance and ability to withstand harsh environments including oxygen, radiation, and other corrosive materials, PFPE is commonly used in the aerospace industry. As with all PFPE oils, ECO-14/6 offers outstanding lubrication properties, zero flash and fire point, excellent compatibility with metals, plastics, elastomers, and is your non-toxic choice for rotary vacuum pumps.

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  • SPECIFICATIONS ECO-06/6 ECO-14/6 ECO-16/6 ECO-25/6
    Average Molecular Weight 1800 amu 2500 amu 2700 amu 3300 amu
    Density at 20°C 1.88g/cm³ 1.89g/cm³ 1.89g/cm³ 1.90g/cm³
    Viscosity at 20°C 64 cSt 145 cSt 165 cSt 275 cSt
    Vapor Pressure at 20°C 3×10-6 torr 2×10-7 torr 2×10-6 torr 6×10-8 torr
    Vapor Pressure at 40°C 3×10-3 torr 2×10-4 torr 2×10-4 torr 6×10-5 torr
    Pour Point -50°C -48°C -46°C -42°C
    Vaporization Heat at 200°C 11 cal/g 8 cal/g 8 cal/g 7 cal/g
    Surface Tension 21 dyne/cm 22 dyne/cm 22 dyne/cm 22 dyne/cm
    Total Pressure 1.7×10-3 torr 1.4×10-3 torr 1.3×10-3 torr 1.1×10-3 torr
    End-Use Temperature -50°C to -150°C -48°C to -180°C -46°C to -195°C -42°C to -195°C
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    Download MSDS: msds-logo 14/6 PFPE Inert Vacuum Pump Oil MSDS