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About Us

Welcome to Enparticles Diffusion Pump Oil, the leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality diffusion pump oils in the United States and all over the world. We readily stock large quantities of ECO-702, ECO-704, and ECO-705 silicone diffusion pump oil to ensure our customers are always taken care of in a timely manner when they need to top-off or replace their diffusion pumps with premium grade oils.


Enparticles started offering diffusion pump oil in 2013 when Dow Corning decided to remove DC-702, DC-704, and DC-705 from their products lists. At the time, many manufacturers that use diffusion pumps in production processes were unable to locate a trustworthy source for replacing Dow Corning’s premium grade oils. Enparticles has stepped up to the challenge and currently offers the best drop-in alternative. Having more than two decades of experience with silicone recycling and oil production, the founders of Enparticles Diffusion Pump Oil with the help of several elite silicone chemical engineers decided to create a line of specialty silicone diffusion pump oil that match and even exceed the performance of the discontinued oils. Since then, Enparticles diffusion pump oil currently sets the industry standard for diffusion pump oil and is one of the most trusted name in the market.


1. High Product Quality Since the beginning, the main goal of Enparticles Diffusion Pump Oil has always been the same, we strive to provide the best possible quality of diffusion pump oils with the most superior and advanced formula on the market. This is why we always work first-handedly with our chemists to come up with new and improved formulas on a regular basis.

2. Lowest Prices With quality we can prove, we’ve become one of the largest suppliers of diffusion pump oils in the industry worldwide. As we are able to manufacture diffusion pump oils in bulk volumes, we’ve been able to pass on these savings directly to our valued customers. If you can find another supplier of diffusion pump oil in the United States with equal quality but lower prices, make sure to make use of our price match guarantee.

3. Excellent Customer Service Apart from the products being top grade, we place a huge importance and effort on customer service. We are fully aware that quality always speaks for itself, but having a personal and hands-on approach to any inquiry or feedback is what we believe in, and will continue to do so. If you ever have a question, make sure to give us a call on our toll-free hotline 1-201-582-2382 or send us an email at info@diffusionpumpoil.com.

4. Expedited Shipping Along the lines of offering excellent customer service, we guarantee our products to be shipped out in a timely manner, generally speaking, our products are shipped out the following business day after an order is placed. Same day shipping can be organized granted the order is not placed too late during the day, please contact us to coordinate this. Additionally, we offer our customers various options of shipment using our reduced shipping rates, please make sure to choose a shipment method that best fit your needs.

5. Reclamation of Used Diffusion Pump Oil As diffusion pumps need to be drained and completely refilled on a routine schedule, there is a lot of used diffusion pump oil in the market today that maybe headed for landfills. At Enparticles, we strongly believe in recycling. The silicone diffusion pump oil we collect are filtered and reclaimed into silicone oil that can be reused in other, lower-level applications. Please note that reclaimed silicone oil from diffusion pumps are never placed into our ECO line of products.