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Company Name: American Vacuum Technologies Inc. Address: 9875 Tanner Rd. Ste C, Houston, TX 77041, USA Customer Service:713-939-9740 Email: info@americanvacuum.biz Website: http://www.americanvacuum.biz


AMERICAN VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES INC. EST. 1985. Houston’s leader in vacuum science has served the Research, Industrial, Scientific, U.S. Government and International communities with great pride and achievement since 1985. Our commitment to the concept “There is no substitute for quality” is our commitment to our customers; a commitment that has fostered long and enduring relationships with many businesses and institutions around the world. We have a vast wealth of expertise in vacuum pumps, instrumentation and the various types of vacuum systems and technology, ranging up to and including ultra-high vacuum applications. Learn more about American Vacuum Technologies.