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Company Name: Coker Pump & Equipment Company

Address: 1055 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

Customer Service: 510.444.3731

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Website: http://www.cokerpump.com


Coker Pump & Equipment Company has been a provider of pumps and related components since 1956. The company founder, Mr. Jack H. Coker, decided to branch out from his job as a machinist and he and his wife began to work for themselves. During these humble beginnings they operated out of a one room shop, and as the demand continued to grow, their son Craig joined the family business. Thirty years later upon building a recognizable name in the industry, they grew and moved to 1055 3rd St Oakland, where they still have their current operation in addition to their second location in the Central Valley. Learn more about Coker Pump & Equipment Company.