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If you have worked with diffusion pumps in the past, this guide will come as no surprise. However, if you are relatively new to diffusion pumps, this will be a useful guide for you to read. This guide will focus on diffusion pump advantages, where and why diffusion pumps are used, and how to choose the right type of diffusion pump oil.


A majority of diffusion pumps are used in manufacturing facilities as well as research laboratories throughout the world. Diffusion pumps are used to produce a high vacuum of pressures up to 10E-10 Torr and is easily one of the most stable and efficient methods of doing so. Major industries that use diffusion pumps are:

  • Aerospace chambers
  • Electronics and semiconductors manufacturing
  • Metallurgy
  • Vacuum Coating
  • Atomic Energy
  • Laboratory Research
  • More…

Find out how a diffusion pump works.


The technology behind a diffusion pump has been around since 1915 and is still being used due to its effectiveness and relatively low costs. As there are no moving parts in a diffusion pump, a major factor in determining whether a diffusion pump is effective or not is the actual diffusion pump oil used inside. Below are a few points to consider when choosing the type of silicone diffusion pump oil to use with your diffusion pump:


ECO-702 is by far the most affordable type of silicone diffusion pump oil and is considered to be a general-purpose oil recommended for larger volumes of gas and can attain chamber vacuum pressures up to 10E-6 torr. ECO-702 is ideal for general manufacturing that gives off a larger amount of gas. A part from diffusion pumps, ECO-702 can alternatively be used in any vapor ejector pump to attain a maximum vacuum of 10E-5 torr.


ECO-704 is the most commonly used diffusion pump oil on the market. It is suitable for a wide range of heavy operations and offers a quick pump-down. It is a single-component oil with a pure chemical profile of Tetramethyltetra-phenyltrisiloxane which can produce a ultimate vacuum of 10E-7 torr to 10E-8 torr in a untrapped state and 10E-10 torr to 10E-11 torr in a trapped state. The main reason why so many manufacturers choose ECO-704 is due to its ability to withstand tough and rugged operations while producing an extremely powerful vacuum. Most diffusion pump oils cannot come in the slightest contact with air, but ECO-704 can actually handle air-exposure when operating temperatures are reached.


ECO-705 is the most advanced diffusion pump oil up to date. Just like ECO-704, it is a single-component oil and is made of high-quality and pure Penta phenyl tri-methyltrisiloxane. ECO-705 is basically an upgraded version of ECO-704 with a ultrahigh vacuum of 10E-9 torr to 10E-10 torr in a untrapped state, and up to 10E-11 torr when trapped. It offers such powerful vacuum and low vapor pressure that most diffusion pumps operating on ECO-705 can withstand radiation and do not need a cold trap or refrigeration because of its ultrahigh and yet smooth applications. Overall, all three types of diffusion pump oils by Enparticles have their own unique profiles and advantages. If you have questions, make sure to read our FAQs or contact us.