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Company Name: HyVac Products Inc.

Address: 1265 Ridge Rd Pottstown, PA 19465, USA

Customer Service: 800-628-0850

Email: info@hyvac.com

Website: http://www.hyvac.com


HyVac Products, Inc. is a USA based, precision manufacturer of high vacuum pumps, equipment, gauges and fittings for the vacuum industry. Our pumps create negative pressures from atmospheric to 10-4 Torr or .1 micron of mercury pressures. Volumetric throughputs from .3 cubic feet per minute (10L/min) up to 100s cubic feet per minute. Our home page has been designed for both promotion of our pumps and for the dissemination of information that might prove useful to the users of high vacuum pumps and equipment. Learn more about HyVac Products Inc..