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Company Name: MaxVac Vacuum Pump Sales & Service

Address: 601-G North 1st Street Patterson, CA 95363, USA

Customer Service: 877-629-2500

Email: maxvac@maximumvacuum.com

Website: http://www.maximumvacuum.com


Maximum Vacuum Inc. is committed to developing a long-term relationship with our customers whether the business relationship begins with a sale or with a repair of a vacuum pump.

Our competitive pricing for quality brand vacuum pumps, coupled with the personalized service given to our customers, make purchasing a product from us a good business decision. We stand behind our products and work.

We emphasize our reliability and quality workmanship in servicing your vacuum pump as our mission is to exceed your expectations. Maximum up-time and low cost of ownership throughout the life of your pump is our goal.

We provide a link to an online site where you may check on your repair status. Your repair status is updated hourly and is accessible 24/7 via the internet. It is secured by a unique login issued to you and will provide you with an expected completion date.

Our website also provides documentation on the major brands of vacuum pumps as well as quick reference guides. Learn more about MaxVac.