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Diffusion pumps are pretty simple in terms of their mechanics; there are no moving parts and the entire pump system is composed of only a few components. However, even though the pumps are very straightforward in their design, there are a number of ways to optimize them in order to increase efficiency while extending the life of your pumps. One of the best ways to ensure your pump is operating at peak efficiency is to ensure that all joints and o-rings are properly lubricated. An air-tight system is what you should strive for, and you don’t want to use any old grease to achieve this either.

When you’re looking for a grease that’s compatible with diffusion pumps or other high vacuum systems, there are a lot of different options out there, especially when it comes to silicone and hydrocarbon greases. While these greases are great for a variety of applications, they’re not recommended for use in diffusion pump vacuum scenarios. In order for diffusion pumps to create a high vacuum, the system needs to be completely airtight. While various greases might be able to create an airtight environment temporarily, the majority of conventional hydrocarbon greases out there won’t be able to withstand the pressures created by a high vacuum, nor do they perform in a range of temperatures wide enough. On top of that, many greases are not compatible with rubber or silicone o-rings, meaning that not only will they not be able to create an airtight seal, they’re also likely to eat away at the o-ring, creating more problems and leaks within your system than you started out with. So what is the best type of grease to lubricate your diffusion pump or high vacuum system? Well, the grease that’s used among astronauts and across a variety of aerospace applications, one of the highest performing and longest lasting greases in the world: PFPE grease.

Not only is PFPE grease is chemically inert, non-toxic, resistant to a wide range of temperatures and able to withstand extreme atmospheric pressures, it’s also non-flammable as it has no fire or flash point. When you need a lubricant or sealant for your diffusion pump that is non-flammable, oxygen-friendly and also resistant to a wide range of harsh chemicals, PFPE grease is the top choice. Our PFPE greases are thickened using PTFE and are an excellent choice for when efficiency is of the essence; or for when you want to “set it and forget it”. With PFPE grease, you can achieve peace of mind knowing that all joints and o-rings will remain airtight and properly lubricated.

Aside from lubricating o-rings and joints, our PFPE is great for lubricating bearings (especially ceramic), valves, various instruments and sealing barrier fluids. Our PFPE grease is thermally and chemically stable and able to withstand the harshest conditions. It’s also resistant to radiation, oxidation, explosion and will ensure even high boiler pressure throughout your system. Try out PFPE grease and see why it’s trusted by the aerospace, metallurgical and vacuum coating industries.