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Company Name: Protech Thermal Services

Address: 1954 Tandem Way, Norco, CA 92860, USA

Customer Service: 1-951-272-5808

Email: sales@protechthermal.com

Website: http://www.protechthermal.com/index.html


Since 1998, ProTech Thermal Services has provided customers with thermal process services and furnace components. At our facility we repair and manufacture high-quality, custom vacuum, atmosphere and retort furnaces. Additionally we provide new replacement and rebuilt hot zones, alloy baskets, alloy and molybdenum work grids and alloy retorts. We perform instrumentation and control upgrades, temperature uniformity surveys (TUS), vacuum calibrations, instrumentation calibrations, and much more. Our industry experts offer comprehensive solutions for all heat treatment systems, aimed at meeting your company’s needs. Learn more about Protech Thermal Services.